About Us


We started Organized and More because...

we love to organize and be organized. We realize that not everyone likes to organize and some people want a little help. We’ve been helping friends and family organize for years, especially when they move or downsize their homes. Now we are offering our services to others as professional organizers.




My friends, family, and employers have always told me that I have a knack for organizing.  I am neat, organized, and efficient.  These traits helped me to be more effective as a Pediatric nurse for over 25 years.

During the past decade, my family moved numerous times because of my husband’s career.  We moved internationally from Germany to California, after downsizing in Germany from a house to a condo.  Later, we moved several times in California.  Being organized made each of these transitions a lot easier. I also helped my two adult children move annually from home to college and from town to town.  After spending so much time assisting friends and relatives with their moves, downsizing 3 residences, and setting up new households, I realized how much I enjoyed organizing.  I decided to pursue organizing as a profession.

I love to work with people and know how important it is to listen to their needs.  No two situations are the same, so my approach is always customized to the client’s needs. 



As a registered nurse, who has worked many years in hospitals and clinics, I have learned that organization is key to efficient healthcare. But even prior to becoming a nurse, I loved to organize. My neighbors would hire me when I was a teenager to come and organized their children’s rooms. I would help my mom clean and organize our home.

Since my marriage 27 years ago, my husband and I have moved 12 times to various locations around the country. Staying organized before, during, and after the move helped us acclimate much faster.

After having children, I learned how keeping organized helped my children stay on task and be prepared for school and activities. I realize that lives change and organizational needs change along with it. New locations, new activities and new interests all require shifts in organization. I would love to help others get organized to be able to feel that sense of peace and calm within their home.