Jody and Karin are phenomenal! They spent two solid weeks with us helping us weed through the debris of 17 years in our house in preparation for our move. They are cheerful, energetic, efficient, knowledgeable, incredibly hard-working, organized and more! Without their help, there’s no way we would have been ready for the moving company to come pack us and move us this week.
— Bob N.

When the time came to downsize from a three-bedroom town house to a two- bedroom condo with a tight schedule, I decided to try Organized and More. I had to make decisions on decadesworth of belongings determining what to keep and what to discard. Karin and Jody made it easy. They tirelessly went through every item and arranged like items so it was easy to spot opportunities to declutter. They took discarded items to Good Will, Amvets, recycling centers, and even a shredding site for me. They also helped me pack my boxes and later helped me unpack. It would have been tough to achieve the dates for the movers without them. Now I’m fitting comfortably in my new condo with the right amount of belongings. Thank you to Karin and Jody.
— Janice H.

I think I’m a well-organized housewife. But I’ve learned that I still can improve. Last year I met Karin and we talked by chance how you can organize your clothes in dresser drawers. Karin showed me how she folds underwear and T-shirts and puts them into the drawer, so that you can see the complete content at a glance. She even recommended this kind of folding for my cleaning cloths. Although cleaning is not one of my favorite tasks, a smile comes immediately to my face when I open the drawer with the cleaning cloths. It looks gorgeous and more than well-organized. Thanks a lot to Karin for her great suggestions!
— Susanne K.